Genius Gila gaming mouse hands-on

What does it feel like holding a CES Design and Innovation nominee in your hand? If Genius is any indication, it feels an awful lot like a $100 mouse. A pretty nice $100 mouse, mind you -- one with all sorts of flashing lights and rubber-injected sides. The Gila GX Gaming Series fits nicely in the hand, as one might expect from a peripheral designed for extended MMO marathons. It's also got a nice weight to it already, but if that's not enough, that's no problem: there's a trap door in the bottom that opens up. Inside, you can slot a tray of watch battery-sized weights, which pop in and out to adjust the thing to a suitable level, up to 30 grams.

Also cool is the DPI gauge on top of the mouse, to let you know where you currently stand in the 200 to 8,200 range. There are 12 buttons jammed into the thing, and as you'd imagine, there's button assignment and macro options, so you can set up to 72 keys on the thing. There's also a slew of color options for the various lights on the mouse, in case the glut of buttons aren't showy enough for your gaming needs.

Sadly, Genius isn't quite ready to debut the second generation Ring Mouse, but we've been promised a glimpse in the very near future.

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Jon Fingas contributed to this report.