Hands-on with Liquid Image's Ego Mini action cam at CES Unveiled

GoPro ain't the only name in the action camera game, and here at CES Unveiled we've just got a look at Liquid Image's latest mountable cam -- the Ego Mini (that's it on the right, pictured next to the first-gen Ego). It shoots 1080p video at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps, and is WiFi enabled, so you can livestream if hooked up to something with internet access. Obviously it's pretty small and light (as well as waterproof), and we saw it nestled inside a motorbike helmet, and in various mount configurations, like four cams pointing in all directions for 360-degree recording, and two side-by-side for 3D video. In camera mode, it can shoot 12-megapixel stills with a continuous photo-taking mode if you want something in-between full video recording.

The Liquid Image app, which has just been released for iOS and will be making its way into the Google Play store at some point in the future, can pair with the cam and solicit the live video view. It can also access data stored on the Ego Mini's microSD card (up to 32GB supported), and upload short clips to social networks. The app also works as a remote control for taking stills and will allow you to change settings on the camera. We saw the app in action briefly, and it worked as described, with only a little lag in the video stream, and pretty good image quality from what we could tell from an iPhone screen. Due to arrive in stores in August 2013, the Ego Mini is expected to cost $200. Check out the PR after the break for more info, and check out the gallery below for our hands-on pics. If you're interested in a more integrated action cam specifically for snowsports, we also took a quick tour of Liquid Image's Apex HD+ goggles (or HD + WiFi depending on your source), which started shipping in November 2012.

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Richard Lawler contributed to this report.

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Las Vegas, NV January 6th, 2013 – Liquid Image announces the Ego Mini, a Wi-Fi equipped Full HD Video Sport/DVR/IP Camera nearly half the size of the Ego which is currently the smallest Wi-Fi Enabled Full HD Video Sports Camera. This new product will be displayed for the first time at the CES 2013 Unveiled Event on January 6th at Mandalay Bay as well as at the International CES 2013 tradeshow in Las Vegas booth #36601.

Sporting a smaller size of only 1.6" W x 0.85" D x 2.0" H, the Ego Mini will allow users to mount the new action camera to places and surfaces that other action cameras could not fit. More versatile than the leading helmet mounted action camera, the Ego Mini will not have to be mounted to the top of helmets and will create less wind drag if any at all when used inside the helmet. In addition to typical action camera use, this little action camera can fit into various helmets for Paintball, full face motorcycle helmets, under MX Visors, as well as clip onto baseball hats. The camera can strap to the body or head with less obtrusion than any previous HD Camera. Lightweight and water resistant, the Ego Mini will open up new recording opportunities for action sports as well as for other types of professional athletes who are looking for lower wind drag or a camera to fit into smaller spaces. With the use of additional streamlined mounts such as the Surf Mount and Motorsport Mount, the design of the Ego Mini will revolutionize the action camera market and make action cameras more than simple box shaped or cylindrical objects sticking off surf boards, helmets or race cars.

Additionally, the Ego Mini addresses the needs of many potential markets well beyond sports activities who have expressed an interest in a small unobtrusive wi-fi enabled camera with an interchangeable battery system, for extended recording time. The Ego Mini can operate more than 4 hours as well as be converted into an IP camera running off an electrical plug or car power port. This will allow the Ego Mini to be used for other purposes such as security, baby monitors, Car DVRs, Reality TV Shows, and more.

The matchbox-sized Ego Mini is the latest camera from Liquid Image. It packs the HD capabilities of larger action cameras plus it has built in Wi-Fi transmission to smart devices. No bulky Wi-Fi attachments are required to work with smartphones and tablets. The Ego Mini connects to an iOS or Android device with the use of the free Liquid Image App which can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play, once available. Once connected to the app, the Ego Mini will stream live view as well as transfer and view recorded files and upload short clips or photos to Social Networks. The app can also act as a remote control and adjust settings on the camera. The Ego Mini can stream live to the internet when connected to a computer with internet access.

In addition to Wi-Fi, the mountable camera has a 12.0MP camera mode and a video mode that records HD1080P Video at a rate up to 30 frames per second as well as the High Action mode of HD720P video at a rate up to 60 frames per second. This new model also features a continuous shot photo mode.

There will be a variety of Ego Mini mounts. Some will fit with typical tripod mounts similar to the current Liquid Image mounts for the Ego. The Ego Mini can hold a Micro SDHC card up to 32GB. A waterproof case (sold separately) will allow the Ego Mini to submerge to a depth of 40m / 130ft. Settings on the Ego Mini allow offer enhanced underwater color correction capabilities.

At a suggested retail price of $199.99 the 12.0MP, professional HD quality and high frame rate of 60 frames per second will make the Ego Mini a strong competitor to the growing Action Camera market. Estimated release date is August 2013.