On dreading the Apple Store

Does a trip to an Apple Store make you happy? Or, like writer and former TUAW blogger Scott McNulty, does it fill you with a sense of impending dread?

Scott wrote a short post for Macworld in which he expounds on his current discomfort with visiting Apple Stores, noting with distaste that the stores are usually "packed to the gills with people" who are "camped out at the demo machines, doing everything from checking Facebook to filming, editing and posting videos of themselves rocking out to some sweet tunes."

Although Scott doesn't want to be Apple's next retail chief (darn, I was hoping I'd have a secret source at the company), he has a few great ideas for making the stores a more pleasant place for curmudgeons to visit. For one, he thinks that having at least one place where there's a traditional cashier and cash register could make life easier. I feel Scott's pain: whenever I do a self-checkout using the Apple Store app, I feel like I'm shoplifting.

Go check out Scott's post for yourself, and let us know in the comments how you feel about those trips to the Apple Store.