HTC teases off-focus glimpses of its new smartphone, goes heavy on the lens flare (video)

In case you hadn't heard, HTC's warming up for another phone launch, readying events in both New York and London. The UK arm has now offered up a countdown clock (six days to go!), but with an extra soupçon of tease -- some ever-so brief glimpses of its M7 device, rumored to land as the HTC One. Fortunately, someone's managed to track down all the teaser clips and stitch them together -- we've added it after the break. Alongside plenty of blinding light, we get a better peek at what seems to be a machined metallic edge around the device, as well as a single shot of the camera lens -- HTC does love its imaging tech. You can also glean that the device will arrive dressed white, just like its predecessor, the One X.