Andy Rubin confirms 'no plans' for Google retail stores

If those Google retail rumors fuelled visions of whiling away some mall-time, thumbing at the latest Nexus gadgets in a parlor of their own, then Andy Rubin says keep dreaming. While there are some legitimate Google outposts to be found in stores, the Android chief has confirmed to journalists today that -- as far as he's concerned -- there's no need to explore bricks and mortar stores of their own. Rubin was adamant that there are no plans at this time -- and he's in a good position to know. The reason, however, isn't to do with the ageing model of retail, or a well pinned map of consumer behaviour patterns, with Rubin merely stating that he didn't think the Nexus line is quite at the stage that would warrant a store of its own, the same is true of it home-grown Chromebook devices. That's ok though, if you just gotta have that Nexus right now, there are still some options to explore.