Aphrodite joins the SMITE fight crew

Aphrodite joins the SMITE fight crew

If any character ever had a good reason to wear the skimpiest armor ever, Aphrodite would have full license to strut. Hi-Rez revealed the revealing goddess of beauty in its newest SMITE update.

Aphrodite utilizes her feminine wiles to win over the competition as a support character tied to a "soul mate." Her hugs give mana to a soul mate and her kisses do double duty as buffs and stuns. No, really. That said, if things get too hot and heavy, she can use her Back Off! skill to knock enemies back. She can also call down doves for both healing and damage because apparently doves are the combat medics of the avian world.

Check out Aphrodite's trailer after the jump before catching up on SMITE's latest patch notes!

[Thanks to Don for the tip!]