Visualized: 3D Systems' 3D-printed guitar, the Americana

Yep, the crazy looking guitar you see above from 3D Systems (being manhandled by our own Andy Bowen) was printed. Not created by machines or people, but pieced together by a 3D printer -- at least the body, that is. The neck, strings, and various jacks / knobs are all fabricated via other methods, but the body is all printed. That includes the many America-centric icons seen throughout the body, from the Statute of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge -- okay, okay, it's rather New York-centric, but 3D Systems head Avi Reichental tells us that 3D Systems used iconic New York locations as a representation for the "Americana" the guitar is supposed to embody. He says -- and we can't help but agree, many of us being New Yorkers -- that New York is an "emotional" symbol for the USA. Join us for a visual tour of the Americana, set to the backdrop of the San Francisco Bay, won't you?%Gallery-183020%