A Game of Thrones Android app guides you through the world of Westeros and beyond

Perhaps the second screen experience for HBO megahit show A Game of Thrones provided through Xbox 360's SmartGlass functionality and HBO Go's iPad app isn't enough for you? And maybe you want a bit more of a George R. R. Martin touch to your Game of Thrones book companions? This week's release of "A Game of Ice and Fire" for Android -- the previously iOS-only Game of Thrones app that acts as an "official guide" to the series and its myriad characters / relationships / political struggles / etc. -- is clearly for you. And yes, it goes beyond what just the show covers; it can even be customized for spoilers based around how far you are.

The initial cost to download is nothing and comes with several characters as well as a companion for the first book, but for books two through five you'll need to grab the upgrades: $1 apiece, or $5 for those four plus an additional "InfoPack" which would otherwise cost $2 by itself. Those $2 "InfoPacks" include, "new characters and places and additional data and background info" (whatever that means), and more are expected in the future. The third season of A Game of Thrones kicks off on March 31st, and wouldn't you know it, this app is perfectly timed to accompany it. That's what we call synergy. Head to the Google Play link in the source link and grab it for free, or risk *paying the iron price.

*Thankfully, in this case, that price is just potentially looking ignorant about A Game of Thrones. So ... not that big of a thing, actually.