Sony ruthlessly guts an Xperia Tablet Z for your viewing pleasure (video)

It's not unusual to see products helplessly dismantled by the likes of iFixit and the FCC, but on rare occasions, companies sacrifice their own creations for our twisted enjoyment. This particular teardown is one of those instances, as Sony employed the skills of one "badass engineer" to reduce an Xperia Tablet Z to nothing but parts. There isn't much to learn from the accompanying gadget snuff movie aside from the cold speed at which said badass accomplishes the task -- inside the slate is a bundle of known components held together by a mixture of screws, tape and glue. The clip's narrator specifies the Tablet Z will be available sometime in May, but check out the video below if you'd like to get thoroughly acquainted beforehand. And don't worry about the poor unit's fate. Sony is just as adept at putting things back together.