Google adds info cards to Play Movies, helps you become a trivia wizard

Are you a bit rusty on your trivia? Now you can brush up on your movie knowledge more easily before you make a fool out of yourself at parties, thanks to new info cards that are now being integrated into Google Play Movies. When you pause the cinematic masterpiece you're currently watching, you'll notice some Google Now-like cards pop up on the side of the screen that are filled with information about the actors, actresses, the movie itself or even the soundtrack. To access these fancy chunks of cognitive enhancement, you'll need to live in the US, use a tablet running Android 4.0 or higher and be updated to the most recent version of the Google Play Movies & TV app. Since Google is just rolling the feature out, the cards may not be available for all of your favorite titles at first; fortunately, the company's adding them to more movies every day, so hopefully you won't need to wait too long. As for other countries and devices, Google's working on expanding its reach sometime soon.