Nokia Lumia 720 starts shipping, costs £300 prepaid at O2 UK

Nokia courted fashionistas back at Mobile World Congress with the Lumia 720, and it's ready to embrace them more fully now that the slim Windows Phone is rolling out to its first countries. We've already seen it launch in Australia and the UK, where it's available for free when subscribing to relatively frugal postpaid plans of either $29 AUD (on Virgin Mobile Australia) or £22 (on O2 UK); Brits can also spend £300 at O2 to use the phone on a pay-as-you-go basis. Other countries will get their units in short order, including Italy next week (for €349 off-contract) and Russia. As a reminder, it's not coming to the US in an official capacity: while the mid-tier device made a visit to the FCC, the absence of LTE largely precludes American carrier deals. Some of us will have to gaze on the Lumia 720 from afar as a result, but many of those craving the most stylish of Nokia smartphones can get some satisfaction very shortly.