Alleged Office roadmap says Office for iOS possibly not until 2014

The rumor mill had previously stated that Office for iOS might be coming as soon as last month, but obviously that never happened. Now, an alleged roadmap for the Office family of products from Microsoft says we may not see Office for iOS this year at all.

ZDNet reports that it has obtained a roadmap from the company which does not list iOS or Android support for Office until fall of 2014. The roadmap doesn't specify if we'll see Office for iPad or Office for iPhone then, either. Instead, it just says that iOS will finally be supported. But if this roadmap is indeed legit, fall of 2014 represents a much longer wait than anyone expected for these tools.

The roadmap also says that April of 2014 is when Microsoft will have the next version of Office for Mac ready, and the plans also include a number of updates to the Windows desktop and Windows Phone and RT versions. Just like all of the rumors we've heard about these releases before (and there have been quite a few), these roadmap plans are completely unconfirmed. But if ZDNet's information is legit, there's still quite a while to wait for that iOS version of Office to see release.