Social prediction startup Behavio joins Google (update)

Google has added yet another talented group to its team ever growing list of acquisitions. Startup Behavio announced it is joining the Mountain View crew and shutting down its closed alpha. The company built its short-lived product on top of Funf, a framework for collecting data from mobile phone sensors. Its goal was to analyze things like physical location, contacts and other data about your activities and environment to monitor trends, then make predictions about behavior. The targets weren't just individuals though, but entire communities, and it was even suggested that Behavio could predict the eruption of mass protests. Big G has acknowledged that the folks from Behavio are joining Google, but isn't revealing any plans for the company just yet. The internet giant's forays into preemptive and curated search offer an obvious application, however. We imagine applying some of the IP to Google Now is just one of many potential uses, and its ad-serving algorithm could also clearly benefit from an injection of this technology.

Update: We've been informed that Behavio was not acquired, instead its team is joining the company.