Make your PlayStation 3 look that much more like a Terminator robot with a 'Metallic Gray' DualShock 3

Tired of how much your PlayStation 3 doesn't look like a Terminator robot? Us too, especially given that hilariously mechanical new top-loading disc drive cover. Thankfully, Sony sympathizes with our plight, announcing this week that its "Metallic Gray" DualShock 3 controller for the PlayStation 3 will arrive in the United States in a few months (it's been available in Japan for some time). On June 3rd, the controller becomes available for the standard DS3 price of $54.99, and interested parties can pre-order right this second if they so choose. Of course, we don't anticipate a shortage when they arrive this June, but it's always possible that a T-800 will be sent back from the future to accessorize. In which case, you pre-order folks end up looking pretty good.