Distro Issue 91: What the #%$! is Bitcoin?

With all of the recent chatter about the rise of Bitcoin, a number of theories have been put forth as to how the "digital gold" achieved its status. In this week's issue of our slate mag, we examine whether the so-called virtual currency is the prototype for a digital economy or if the anonymity that it carries will lead to black market dealings. As far as reviews go, HP's ElitePad 900 and Sony's Xperia XP both get extended time in the hands of our editors. Eyes-On takes to the streets of San Francisco with Stealth's Bomber, Hands-On tackles the latest from Google I/O and Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinksi offers up his thoughts on next-gen gaming. The weekend is almost here, so we'll let you get right to it via the usual download links that follow.

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