Microsoft shows off Xbox One dashboard, Trending tab for popular TV content

So, we've just seen our first glimpse of the Xbox One, and after watching the console boot by voice command, we've had a peek at the new dashboard, too. It's not a massive departure from the current one, but as you can see, the theme is a little plainer and cleaner than the Xbox 360 dash, while keeping the tile-like appearance also common to the Windows UI. The Home screen can now be personalized, and while you'll recognize most of the tabs running along the top, "Trending" is fresh -- this tab shows what TV's popular amongst your friends, as well as what's hot within the entire Xbox Live community. Also, "My Pins" now gets its own dedicated tab, rather than being a tile on the Home screen. How you use and navigate the dash is where the real innovations lie, like the next-gen Kinect voice control and Snap Mode multitasking.