Crytek's Ryse: Son of Rome demoed for Xbox One, available as launch title

With Microsoft's Xbox One hardware reveal out of the way, the company's shifting focus to its launch lineup. And here at E3, we got a first look at just what the One is capable of with Crytek's previously announced Ryse: Son of Rome. The game, an exclusive for the platform, lets players take control of a Roman General and features gameplay that'll have players slashing through hordes of warriors, engaging in quick time events, all set in the Roman Empire. From what was demoed on stage, Ryse looks to be a technically impressive feat, showcasing strong particle effects, lighting and a massive number of onscreen characters. It'll be available as an XBox One launch title, so if you're planning on a pre-order for MS' next-gen console, this is a future purchase worth considering.

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