Sony PlayStation 4 eyes-on

Well, it pays to stick around a launch venue as the cleanup crews begin to roll out. We just caught a glimpse of Sony's brand new PlayStation 4 following the company's press event tonight, and it's really quite stunning. We were only able to view the console from a right angle, but we did manage to make out a dark black glossy finish up top, with a gray matte panel just below. It's difficult to judge depth from the side, but from this front view at least, we definitely liked what we saw.

A small silver PlayStation logo is positioned towards the bottom of the glossy panel, representing the only branding visible from this side of the device. There's a Sony logo on the left side as well, as you can see in our gallery below. It's really quite a sleek design, so even though you may opt to toss the console away in a cabinet, it'll look just fine sitting out, too. Unfortunately Sony staffers ushered us out after snapping this shot, so that's all we've got for now. We'll be hitting up the company's booth bright and early tomorrow morning, though, and you better believe we'll be back to share our full hands-on impressions then.

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