Basis Band Android app finally available, iOS version still absent (video)

If you've been sitting around not clocking up the miles with your Basis Band, we imagine it's because you were waiting for that long-delayed mobile app. Well, it might not be Q1 as promised, but it's finally time to lace up those sneakers. It's team Android that gets out of the blocks first, with the app debuting on the Google-flavored OS. Features include automatic sync, the ability to see your current progress towards your activity (aka habits,) plus, of course, lots of historical data. Think you set your goals too high? Too low? No problem -- you can edit said habits direct from the app, drill down to show more detail, and get notifications or reminders about how well you're (not?) doing. The app is free, and while Android might have the head start, we're told the iOS version isn't far behind, so iPhone owners might want to start limbering up now. In the meantime, those with green stripes can head to the source for the goods.