Factor intros Vis Vires bike with Garmin ANT+ tracking down to the crank (video)

Cyclists who want ANT+ sensors frequently have to either buy multiple devices or resign themselves to relatively limited tracking. Not so with Factor Bikes' new Vis Vires. The high-end road bike comes with a specially mounted Garmin Edge 510 or 810 bike computer, giving it speed and other basic ride data from the start; more advanced models bring ANT+ aware cranks that register leg power at the pedals. You'll want to save up if you're interested, however. The entry Vis Vires Ultegra Di2 and its companion Edge 510 will ship in January for $7,830. An Ultegra Di2 variant with ANT+ cranks will arrive at the same time for $10,441, while the lighter, Edge 810-equipped Dura-Ace Di2 launches this August for a hefty $13,051.

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FACTOR® Unveils Vis Vires, the World's Most Technologically Advanced Road Bike

State-of-the-art bike comes fully loaded with wireless ANT+ speed and cadence sensors, bike computer and power crank seamlessly integrated into the aerodynamic frame

Cochrane, Alberta – July 1, 2013 – FACTOR® Bikes, part of a visionary firm that has revolutionized the aerospace industry, Formula 1 racing and some of the most advanced supercars in the world, has transformed today's road bike with the highly anticipated Vis Vires. With electronics incorporated from the ground up, data is captured like never before with a complete, accurate and fully integrated system of high-end monitoring devices. Needing flexible and reliable technology, FACTOR used ANT+ as their wireless sensor technology of choice making the Vis Vires compatible with the millions of ANT+ devices that dominate the cycling market today. Two models will be sold, Vis Vires Ultegra Di2 (£7999/$10,441 with Factor Power Cranks and £5999/$7,830 with Ultegra cranks) and the Vis Vires Dura-Ace Di2 (£9999/$13,051). The Dura-Ace model will be available in August 2013, while the Ultegra model will be available in January 2014.

With engineers, designers and an extensive expertise rooted in Formula 1® racing and supercars like Bugatti and Aston Martin, the team at bf1systems® (parent company of FACTOR) set out to design the ultimate road bike for serious cyclists wanting speed, data and detailed performance feedback. Using ANT+ ultra-low power wireless technology, the FACTOR team designed the Vis Vires from day one to capture data accurately, efficiently and easily with a full system of ANT+ compatible electronics seamlessly built in to the bike frame. The stem features an integrated mount for either a Garmin Edge 510 (Ultegra Di2) or 810 (Dura-Ace Di2) bike computer allowing riders to view heart rate, speed, cadence and power data from the included ANT+ sensors. Riders can also mix-and-match sensors and displays from any other ANT+ devices that support the same profiles. The ANT+ enabled FACTOR Power Cranks included as standard on the Dura-Ace model and optional on the Ultegra model measure left and right leg power individually, and output this as total power with a detailed left/right leg power balance. The reliability, flexibility and ease of use with the widely adopted ANT+ devices, provide cyclists with a well-known, customizable and trusted system for performance monitoring.

Both models of bicycles use the same Vis Vires frame, and have total weights of 15.2lb for the
Dura-Ace and 16.3lb for the Ultegra model. Each also comes equipped with full carbon clincher
wheels, custom all internal cable routing and an ENVE Composites Compact handlebar. Using
industry juggernauts like Cervelo and Specialized bikes as benchmarks, FACTOR's Vis Vires excels in terms of stiffness, aerodynamics, comfort and weight, specifically performing its best at high yaw angles.

FACTOR's Vis Vires features include:

* Built-in handlebar mounted ANT+ Garmin Edge 510 or 810 with heart rate strap (depending on model)
* FACTOR Power Crank with internal torque and force measuring circuitry, allowing left/right leg performance monitoring (Dura-Ace model)
* Included AeroComfort TSA travel bag protecting bike frame from impacts and vibrations during transport
* Dura-Ace 15.2 pounds (Power Crank and Garmin included) / Ultegra 16.3 pounds (Garmin included)

"This bike was carefully crafted to incorporate the best in design, components and electronics
so ANT+ technology was our natural choice," stated John Bailey, managing director at FACTOR. "Apart from allowing us to transition seamlessly between modes, ANT+ also immediately links us to an established ecosystem of best in class interoperable cycling devices, which is important as we will also be offering our Power Cranks as an aftermarket product."

The FACTOR Vis Vires is available from August 2013 at