iPhone case with built-in stun gun protects both you and your phone

What's better than a shark with frickin' lasers? How about an iPhone case with a built-in stun gun! The Indiegogo-funded Yellow Jacket case (US$139.99 for the iPhone 4/4S case, iPhone 5 version is on the way) packs a 650,000-volt stun gun, perfect for those trips to the city where seemingly everyone wants to get their hands on your iPhone.

The chunky, 1-inch-thick case comes in black, white, pink and yellow colors, although only the black model is currently available. You don't need to worry about zapping yourself; the Yellow Jacket team designed a protective cover that needs to be moved out of the way to expose the electrodes. After that, there's a safety switch that must be activated before pressing the activation button.

The same battery pack that's used to deliver that powerful electric shock to your attacker can also be used in a much more benign way -- recharging your depleted iPhone battery pack.

Unfortunately for iPhone owners who'd like a way to protect themselves with a Yellow Jacket case, stun guns are illegal in a number of countries, seven US states and in some specific counties and cities (like Washington D.C.). If you've got a hankering for a Yellow Jacket, be sure to check their list of "forbidden places" prior to making your order.

[via Macworld UK]