Apple allegedly working with Samsung again on chips for 2015 devices

Samsung has been exclusively making chips for Apple's iOS devices since the first iPhone started shipping in 2007 -- we don't need to tell you that makes for an odd relationship. Several months ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple would switch to TSMC for next year's iOS portfolio, but now there's some strange news coming out of Korea. According to a local publication, Apple's 2015 iOS devices will use Samsung's 14 nanometer FinFET technology, starting with the iPhone 7 (not the 6S?). Why would Apple switch to TSMC for just one year and then go back to Samsung? Is Apple planning to rely on both TSMC and Samsung for different product lines? Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Chipworks breaks out its microscopes to find out what's really going on.

Update: According to The Korea Herald, industry sources say Samsung and Apple may have signed a three year contract in May for this new technology.