Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition coming July 24, brings fans over 300 minutes of new material

Count yourself among the numerous fans of Indie Game: The Movie? Good news for you, as the film's creators are set to release Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition next week. This special edition brings over 300 minutes of new content that tells the tale of what's happened in the time after the first movie and includes a series of new short films and additional commentary from the IGTM's directors. The new content will be available as Steam DLC on July 24, or a download can be pre-ordered straight from the IGTM website now for $14.99.

Should physical media be your preference, limited edition DVD and Blu-ray box sets (3,000 of each) signed by the directors can be pre-ordered for $59.99 and $69.99, respectively. For your cash, you get three discs that hold a full theatrical cut of the original film and the 300 minutes of new material that include extended interviews and Q&A sessions with the directors, cast and crew. Plus, you get an IGTM notebook, laptop sticker and a double-sided poster -- with the IGTM theatrical poster on one side and limited edition artwork by Edmund McMillen on the other. Box sets start shipping in early August and will also come with a code for a digital special edition. Once shipping starts, the pre-order price goes up to $69.99 for the DVD set and $89.99 for Blu-ray. So, head on past the break for a special edition trailer and check the source to get in line while the getting's good.