Corning introduces Gorilla Glass NBT for touch-enabled laptops, coming this fall

While we love our gadgets for their glass-capacitive touchscreens, they can be sensitive to scratches and fingerprints. Corning, best known for protecting our phone and tablet displays, is introducing Gorilla Glass NBT for touch-enabled laptops. This new ultra-strong covering promises enhanced scratch resistance, reduced flaw visibility and better retained strength once a blemish occurs -- basically, the same benefits as GG3. Dell is the first manufacturer to jump on-board with NBT and plans to use it on some notebooks this fall. Does this mean you wont have to be nearly as careful when schlepping your computer in a messenger bag? Probably not, but at least your precious displays will be safer from errant kitty paws. PR after the break.

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Corning Brings Gorilla® Glass NBT™ to Touch-Enabled Notebooks

New cover glass helps prevent damage to touchscreen displays; extends Corning Gorilla Glass into new market

CORNING, N.Y., July 29, 2013 – Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today introduced its newest cover glass, Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™, designed to help protect touch notebook displays from scratches and other forms of damage that come from everyday handling and use.

Gorilla Glass NBT is Corning's unique glass solution for touch-enabled notebooks. Touch is becoming the primary way consumers are interacting with their mobile devices; and with increased touch comes the potential for the glass to scratch. Scratches can result in the cover glass breaking, when the devices are subject to normal day-to-day usage. Corning Gorilla Glass NBT provides enhanced scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility, and better retained strength once a scratch occurs to help protect notebook displays from breakage that can occur with lower-performing soda lime glass.

Consumers want thinner, sleeker and lighter-weight personal computers featuring touch technology. Noted as the next wave in touch technologies by market research groups, touch-enabled notebooks have the potential to approach the size of the current smartphone cover glass market within the next few years. Corning Gorilla Glass NBT delivers the cost-effective scratch and damage resistance that consumers have come to expect of the world's leading cover glass solution to this new mobile device market.

"Known as the cover glass of choice, Corning Gorilla Glass now extends its exceptional capabilities into the emerging touch-enabled notebook market," said James R. Steiner, senior vice president and general manager, Corning Specialty Materials. "We are confident that Corning Gorilla Glass NBT will outperform legacy soda lime glass, delivering eight to ten times more scratch resistance. In fact, for just one to two percent of a notebook's retail price, consumers can now get the best cover glass solution: a Gorilla solution. Simply put, we believe that if you don't have Gorilla on your device, it's not as good."

Similar to a handheld or tablet device, the consumer's physical interaction intensifies with a touch-enabled notebook device to include swiping, tapping, gripping and cleaning. Everyday interaction with these notebook devices can result in scratched cover glass and a compromised user experience. Corning's consumer research indicates that complaint rates for scratching on notebooks are already up to four times higher compared to other mobile devices. Replacing the screen can be expensive and sometimes cost as much as half of the full notebook price, while leaving the user without a device for days.

"As a leader in touch-enabled computing, Dell is always seeking the finest materials to ensure our notebook screens are impact and scratch resistant," said Sam Burd, vice president, PC Product Group, Dell. "We're integrating Corning Gorilla Glass NBT into our new client devices launching this fall, further enhancing our industry leading product reliability and durability."

Corning Gorilla Glass NBT is currently available and is expected to be featured on several notebook product models by leading global brands later this year.

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