'Bully' trademark pops up from Take-Two

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Jessica Conditt
July 31st, 2013
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'Bully' trademark pops up from Take-Two
Take Two files new Bully trademark
Take-Two filed a trademark for "Bully" on July 29, covering video game software and all of the related accessories. This could mean Take-Two doesn't want anyone pushing it around and trying to claim the Bully brand as their own, or developer Rockstar could be interested in a new Bully game.

Rockstar released Bully in 2006 for PS2, and then made an updated version for Xbox 360, Wii and PC in 2008. It was notorious for stirring up controversy amongst anti-bullying groups with both releases, picking up critical acclaim and awards along the way, fair and square.

We reached out to Take-Two for clarification on the trademark. Until then, maybe try another game that has to do with bullying. They're basically the same, right?
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