Flipnote Studio 3D delayed in Europe due to 'unexpectedly high' use in Japan

European 3DS owners hoping to flip some 3D notes this week will have to wait a bit longer. Flipnote Studio 3D was coming to the continent this week, but Nintendo postponed the animation software's launch in light of "unexpectedly high" uptake in Japan after last week's launch over there. Nintendo of Europe provided us with the following statement:

"Nintendo of Europe regrets to announce that Flipnote Studio 3D, originally due for a European launch on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on 1st August, will be delayed. Due to unexpectedly high levels of user activity since the launch of the application in Japan on 24th July, we decided to postpone our European launch until we can deliver the best possible service to users. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause, and will announce a new launch date as soon as possible."

We've reached out to Nintendo of America to find out if the European delay will impact the North American launch, which remains listed as "early August" on the software's website. When it does launch, the free 3DS successor to Flipnote will bring with the ability to use 3D effects, doodle in six colors - yes, six - and export creations as AVIs and GIFs. And if there's anything the Internet needs, it's more GIFs ...

No, we're not joking.