Motorola to release $20 Skip, an NFC accessory that unlocks Moto X with a tap

With the release of a flagship phone comes a barrage of accessories, and every once in a while, it's something new you're not quite sure you need. Take, for example, the Moto Skip -- an NFC-based tag designed to unlock the soon-to-be-available Moto X with one tap. Just pair it up via NFC once; after that, you won't ever need to input your passcode to access the phone's homepage again. We'll reserve our opinion on the Skip until we get a chance to take it for a spin, but we foresee it being useful if you're extremely busy -- or forgetful -- so long as it doesn't get stolen with a Moto X. The company's website listed Skip for $20 prior to publication, but it's been pulled down since without notice of when the clip will become available.