Dino Pet: marine algae in a sauropod-shaped case that glow when irritated

Build a better Sea Monkey and the world will -- well, fund your Kickstarter campaign, hopefully. Dino Pet's certainly got a couple of things going for it: tiny glowing animals and dinosaurs. The pet's creators clearly took the whole "dino" part of dinoflagellates to its logical extreme, fashioning a sauropod-esque transparent casing for the bioluminescent marine algae. Caring for the tiny glowing creatures is fairly easy: expose them to sun during the day and give 'em a shake at night and agitate them into glowing for you. The Dino's creators also provide food, to help keep 'em going. A $40 pledge will get you one (the $30 level is, sadly, all sold out now) when they start shipping in February. More information can be had in the source link below, including whether or not you should drink them once they arrive.