Brewmaster Monk solos Stone Guard 10H

Maebybabe of Ascendance on Draenor EU-H has taken down ten-man heroic Stone Guard, with an item level of 548. No great surprise, I hear you say? Well Maebybabe did it completely by himself. As you can see from the video, there are definitely moments where his health dips down low, and he even dies thanks to not clearing the stagger after the dogs are down, but this is a remarkable feat.

Overall, Maebybabe manages to put out 210.91m damage, no surprise as that's the total required to kill the boss, but also 37.27m healing. He notes in the description of the YouTube video that he's using Glyph of Guard, allowing him to keep Guard active longer, which increases his healing by 30%. Notably, the dogs actually enrage shortly before the kill, despite Maebybabe's DPS output, but this doesn't seem to phase him

At a lower item level, stated as 522 or 523, he also soloed Lich King 25H, which you can also check out on YouTube.