The Engadget Interview with ST Liew, Acer's President of Smartphones

Didn't realize that Acer, the PC and tablet maker based out of Taiwan, actually makes smartphones? Chances are you're in the majority, but the manufacturer is very interested in changing that. We sat down with Acer's smartphone guru, ST Liew, to discuss the launch of the Liquid S2, the company's 6-inch Android flagship. This is the company's second major foray into this particular segment of the industry (the S1 being the first), so it certainly seems to be one of the most competitive arenas for smartphone consumers out there. Liew discusses the market need for such a device, though he admits that there are limits for a phone's physical size; "six inches is just about the threshold," he told us, though this may very well change as companies continue to innovate in design, trimming down handset size while the display gets bigger.

We dig into the company's desire to be the first in recording 4K video footage, Acer's product strategy for the US, Europe and Asia and the challenges Acer faces in becoming a major player in the mobile sphere, so tune in after the break for video of our full interview!

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