Samsung's Galaxy Gear is only compatible with Note 3, 10.1 at launch

Samsung's making waves in the wearables category today with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but the device's compatibility will be surprisingly limited at launch, curtailing our excitement quite a bit. According to reps, the connected wristwatch will only pair with Galaxy devices running Android version 4.3 -- for the time being, that restricts use to the smartphone and tablet announced today, Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 and the refreshed Note 10.1, though the next version of Jelly Bean may roll out to the GS4 later this year, so Samsung's flagship handset shouldn't be left out in the cold for long. As for third-party devices? There's always a chance that Gear support could come in the future, but we're certainly not counting on it, especially with this first-generation wearable.

Update: It's not clear if Galaxy Nexus devices will be supported when updated to Android 4.3 as well, but Samsung has confirmed that the Gear will work with a refreshed Galaxy S4.

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