Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S View covers hands-on

Brad Molen
B. Molen|09.04.13

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S View covers hands-on

The S View cover made its debut as a protective-flip-case-with-a-window for the Samsung Galaxy S 4, and the accessory made enough of an impression that the Korean manufacturer decided to give it an even bigger presence on the Galaxy Note 3, as you'll be able to grab one in a rather wide variety of different colors designed by. Just like the GS4 version, this cover integrates a removable back as a clever way of trimming down unnecessary thickness and making the whole combo look much more elegant.

So what makes this particular case stand out from the vast ocean of third-party models that will likely start floating around in the not-too-distant future? The "window" on the front takes advantage of a special film capable of recognizing S Pen touches. When the window lights up, you have the option to look at caller ID, time, date and temperature, and the notification bar -- it looks a lot like an evolved quick glance screen from previous Galaxy flagships. It doesn't actually show any of those notifications, but it will allow you to answer phone calls; you can also slide the S Pen to unlock the device (fingers work, though we had a hard time getting the screen to recognize our touch), which then allows you to slide over to an adjacent screen that offers large buttons for camera, music player and action memo access for jotting down notes without opening the cover. There's no word of how much these will be priced, but if the GS4 version is any indication, we'd wager that functionality is apparently worth a few bucks. Have a look at our gallery showing off some of the different cover colors and functions below, as well as a brief video after the break.

Gallery: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S View cover hands-on | 22 Photos


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