Eyes-on with LG's 55-inch Gallery OLED TV (video)

Sarah Silbert
S. Silbert|09.05.13

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Eyes-on with LG's 55-inch Gallery OLED TV (video)

LG's showing off its new 55-inch OLED set here at IFA, and (get this) it's not a curved one. Though it's bucking the trend made so popular by LG itself (along with Samsung), the product is hardly boring; the so-called Gallery comes complete with a sound bar disguised as an art mat. LG's included its canvas speakers all around the panel to pump out 2.2-channel sound, along with subwoofers.

In theory, the Gallery (model 55EA8800, if you must know) sounds a bit gaudy, but the execution is anything but. For one, it looks sleek despite the soundbar backing -- it won't distract your eye from the 55-inch panel. Colors looked extremely vibrant, and images extremely clear, when we viewed the OLED in LG's booth at IFA. Sound quality is strong as well. This is a straightforward (premium) TV, of course, but if you want to leverage the product's artsy pedigree, you can enable Gallery Mode, which displays a selection of works of art from Van Gogh and others. The set ships with a simple, thin black frame, but other, more elaborate options could become available later on.

The Gallery and the sound bar "art mat" will be sold as a bundle for €8,999. An LG booth attendant told us the TV will launch at the end of the year, though the company has made no official comment. Check out the eyes-on video for a closer look.

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