Intelligent Headset delivers 3D audio for better zombie games, we go hands-on (video)

Okay, so maybe the marketing material could be improved a bit. Personally, we wouldn't have gone with Intelligent Headset: The first Intelligent Headset, but the product should speak for itself -- assuming, of course, that you have a chance to actually try it on. The headphones are location-aware, thanks to a number of sensors that let it know which direction you're moving your head in. From there, the sound is tailored so you hear things differently, depending on where you're pointed. This could mean the same thing from different angles or entirely sounds depending on where you're facing.

In the below video, you'll see an example of a tourism app that shows the direction in an icon on a map. Turn your head and you hear different voices in different directions. Better still was the zombie game we played. Put the headphones on and you'll hear the undead approaching you from different sides. Face toward the invisible brain eater and press the button on the side of the ear to fire your shotgun. Easier said than done.

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Neither of the above are the killer apps the company is looking for, but there are a number of others currently in the work including spaces like education and applications or the blind. The company's looking to get a good spread of apps developed before launching the headset. We can certainly see potential. How about pairing it up with VR goggles? Got a better idea? The technology has been opened up to interested third-party developers.

Zach Honig contributed to this report.