Samsung brings its first OLED 4K TV to IFA, we go eyes-on

Sony outed the very first 4K OLED television at CES last January, and now Samsung is catching up with its very own. We swooped by the firm's slice of show floor at IFA to lay eyes on its latest TV, and walked away quite impressed. The 55-inch Ultra HD set packs a powerful visual punch, delivering sharp visuals and incredibly vivid colors. So vivid, in fact, we were suspicious that the sample footage was HDR video -- it may very well be, but that doesn't take away from the hardware's color reproduction prowess. Big blue's panel far and away outpaces non-OLED 4K displays when it comes to bright and lively color. Viewing angles on the screen are remarkable too, as glancing at the screen just a few degrees askance won't blur or mute picture quality. As for form factor, Samsung's set is contained into a sleek and extremely thin shell. No pricing or release window is on the docket, but you can check out the gallery below to ogle at the TV for yourself.

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