Bill Gates sympathizes with your Windows NT login woes, admits three-button start 'was a mistake'

While most of the world associates the classic control-alt-delete keyboard command with soft reboots and frozen applications, a small portion of the population battles with the bizarre concept of the command as a login as well. Windows NT users, specifically, recall using the command as a means to turn on their desktops -- something that Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is finally calling "a mistake."

In a wide-ranging interview on-stage at Harvard University, Gates regaled current students of his alma mater with tales of his time at the school. But apparently Harvard Campaign co-chair David Rubenstein couldn't forego his chance to get an answer -- or at least an apology -- from Gates on the bizarre login procedure. Gates admitted, "It could've had a single button, but the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn't wanna give us our single button. It was a mistake." Of course, Gates laughs it off, having moved beyond guilt over software released 20 years ago. Head below for the full video, and jump to the 17-minute mark should you wish to see the exchange over Windows NT first.