Slacker updates Android app with tiled home screen and 'My Vibes' playlist

While those upgrading to iOS 7 may have gotten first dibs on the new Slacker app, the music streaming service hasn't forgotten about those on the Google side of things. As such, Slacker just released an update for its Android app that mirrors the look and feel of the one on iOS. In particular, it introduces a new streamlined interface designed to give you even quicker access to your favorite tunes. The home screen is now decked with quick-start tiles, a featured trending section and a shortcut to "My Vibe" playlists, which are curated based on select activities (examples include brunch, running or sleeping). Additionally, the last few stations you listened to can now be instantly accessed from the main hub. If that all sounds groovy to you, feel free to download it right now from the source link below.