Lenovo teases Yoga Tablet that can literally stand itself up, shift its center of gravity

Looks like Lenovo and its executives are taking a page out of Huawei's book to start leaking its own products, with the victim this time being an oddly named Yoga Tablet. Our source told us that unlike the Yoga laptop series, this mysterious device isn't a transformable device. Instead, the main selling points here are the product will have a "leg" that can somehow stand itself up (and our source specifically said this is not a kickstand), plus it has some sort of mechanism that can shift its center of gravity, in order to give you the illusion that it's lighter in hand. As a bonus, the Yoga Tablet claims to be the world's slimmest slate with the longest standby battery life, according to Lenovo's own "spy shot" above. If all goes well, we can expect this intriguing device to launch a month from now, as confirmed by Lenovo SVP and head of China, Chen Xudong, on Sina Weibo.