Google Search for Android gets Now cards for notable people, new voice search hotword

Google showed off its refreshed search experience last week, and now we're starting to see it on our Android devices. As is usual, with its staggered updates different people may see the features at different times, but the changelog just got an update today. In case you missed it, one tweak Android Police first noticed last week is that the hotword for voice search has changed to "Ok Google," similar to the "Ok Glass" command for the company's headset. The new "more beautiful" search results are rolling out gradually according to the notes, so you may not see those right away. Finally, you can add "notable people" (we haven't seen our own names listed, clearly that's just an omission) to the list of items Google Now will keep you updated on, via a button on their card when you search for them as seen above. If you've been living with the new experience already, let us know how you like it, others should just keep an eye on their devices as it slowly rolls out.