ChatON for Android gets a fresh coat of paint and new social features

We know that ChatON is doing quite well in places like China and India, having recently crossed the 100 million user threshold. (We also know that it isn't really catching on here in the US.) But, for all its useful features, it's never been a particularly pretty application. Thankfully, Samsung has given the Android version of its messaging / social networking app a little bit of Holo love. ChatON 3.0 is flat as flat can be, and even plays host to a bevy of new socially-minded features. For instance, you can now customize your MyPage (profile) with a background image plus you can post images, videos and locations to the pages of your friends. There's even the ability to share content directly from Samsung's LIVEpartners. Loyal users can hit up Google Play for the update, while everyone else can continue to pretend ChatON doesn't exist.