Comcast's new X1 cable boxes are apparently suffering a nationwide outage (update: back online)

Beginning around midnight ET tonight, users of Comcast's new X1 platform from areas across the country have reported blank screens from their boxes. As of about 3AM, at least a few indicate service is coming back on, while others still can't watch anything on TV. There's no official response from the various Comcast social media accounts, but a peek at and forum threads reveals the issue is hitting several areas coast to coast all at once. The new cloud enabled TV platform and DVRs aren't available everywhere yet, so reports are clustered in a few areas. For people wary of a move towards "cloud computing," issues like this with the new DVRs that get their information via internet protocol is just another reason to love a standalone box. We'll check with Comcast to see if we can get any more information regarding the outage, let us know in the comments how things are working in your area.

[Thanks, @Timmeh71]

Update (12:44 PM): A Comcast representative let us know that the service is now back up and running. Be sure to tell us how it's going for you in the comments.

Yes, some X1 customers experienced service issues last night. The team has corrected it and service should now be back to normal.