HTC teases One Max in October 16th event invitation (update: global launch October 15th)

With all the recent leaks, it's no surprise that the launch for the HTC One Max is just around the corner. According to an invitation we just received from HTC Taiwan, the company will be hosting a product launch event in Kaohsiung at local time 6pm on October 18th (which is Friday next week). Given the rare late start, chances are this will be coordinated with other parts of the world, especially Europe -- it'd be too early for the US, despite the likelihood of a Verizon flavor.

The above attached flyer has these two lines:

One finger opens up a big view

You are invited to immerse in the sound with us

Looks like these are hinting at the One Max's fingerprint scanner, large display plus BoomSound front stereo speakers. Hurry up already, HTC, you know you need this badly.

Update: Soon after the Taiwanese invitation, we received another one from Hong Kong, but this time the launch will be on October 16th -- two days before the one in Taiwan.

Update 2: According to (translated), the global launch for HTC's One Max will take place in China on October 15th.