Take a video tour of IndieCade 2013

Take a video tour of IndieCade 2014

IndieCade 2013 took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, and the festival played host to countless independently developed projects, ranging from traditional video games to more physical, hands-on installations. That means everything from Shovel Knight to Edgar Rice Soirée, a bizarre game played entirely with dangling PlayStation Move controllers.

You'll spot both games in our video tour of the IndieCade festival, along with Quadrilateral Cowboy, which won IndeiCade's Grand Jury Prize, and the indie arcade game Killer Queen. You'll even see yours truly donning a virtual reality suit for the self-explanatory Project Holodeck.

Check out the video, and stay tuned to Joystiq, where we'll be publishing our IndieCade coverage throughout the week.

[Music: "Within Time" by Trash80]