Final Fantasy VI to arrive on iOS and Android this winter

Color us (not) surprised: after releasing FFIV and FFV on iOS and Android, Square Enix will follow up its mobile gaming efforts with Final Fantasy VI this winter. Veteran fans might miss the game's old school looks, as it'll come with sharper sprites and enhanced graphics similar to the FFV version for these platforms. Those who found the game rather grindy, however, will be glad to know that the game's battle system has been tweaked to make leveling up easier. The next FF port that's slated to come out is Final Fantasy VI: The After Years, but Square Enix's Takashi Tokita says the company might also work on fan favorite FFVII. That depends on whether the previously released games do well, though, so heed our advice: Don't count your chocobos before they hatch.

[Image credit: Wikipedia]