Toyota and game devs team up on CorollaCade, an arcade machine that uses the Oculus Rift

What happens when you take Toyota's money, a team of game developers, an Oculus Rift, an aging driving game arcade machine setup, and throw them all together? You get "CorollaCade," the embarrassingly named / extremely cool advergame that Ogeeku (the aforementioned dev team) created for Toyota using an Oculus Rift, programming savvy, and an old driving game setup from an arcade.

The team apparently put the whole shebang together in just under a month, and the game (driving around a Western-style town in a modeled out 2014 Toyota Corolla) is modeled on old arcade racing games. Head below the break for a more thorough breakdown, in video form, of CorollaCade. We've reached out to the team at Ogeeku to see if there are any chances to get your hands on the machine, but for now it seems like little more than a fun experiment.

Update: Jon Brence from the dev team tells Engadget, "We are in talks with the brand [Toyota] to have another cabinet built for showcase to the public and for several events, as well as releasing the game we built for those who have access to Oculus - but nothing has been fully confirmed yet. The big hope is that systems utilizing technology like this will be available to the public during car shows and events so people can test drive the car of their choice." Sounds like we might get a chance to check it out sooner than later!

[Thanks Kyle!]