Galaxy S4 now lets you talk to Samsung's Gear smartwatch with latest update

As Android updates have gone as of late, there really hasn't been much to get excited about -- not until we break into Kit Kat, anyway. But the rollout of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Samsung's former flagship the Galaxy S4, now live according to SamMobile, is notable as it adds compatibility with the newly hatched Galaxy Gear. So while you may not notice the bevy of tweaks Google's made to keep your Android device whirring along and fending off old mobile age, Samsung's made it so that you can early adopt its half-baked fad innovation and talk to your hand, literally. Samsung's also bundled in its own Wallet app, reading mode, updates to the imaging software, as well as a new keyboard and browser. It's not for everyone though -- you will need to have an unlocked model of the GS4 to download the update. We expect over-the-air updates to hit carrier-locked GS4 variants sometime in, well, let's conservatively say next year.