Palette embraces the buttons, dials and sliders that touchscreens forgot

Gone are the days of buttons, switches and dials. We're all touchscreen and trackpad now. If you're among those that miss the tactile sensation and precision that switches and toggles offer and have $100 or so burning a hole in your pocket, however, you're right in the pitching sweet spot for Palette's Kickstarter campaign. The module controllers daisy chain in the configuration of your choosing to create a customize hardware interface for a number of different scenarios, including gaming, creative suites and even live DJing. Palette's also offering up a number of aesthetic choices for the controllers, including brushed aluminum and cherry wood -- there's also built in LED lighting, for those impromptu parties you're no doubt planning. The team behind the creation is shooting for $95,012 over on the crowdfunding site. A pledge of $99 will get you the starter kit, which includes four modules. That's set to start shipping in June.