Google patent takes the social out of social networking: technology writes 'personalized reactions' for you

Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Those are just three of the many social networks out there these days, and it's a daunting task to reply to everyone who engages you in the digital world. Google's latest patent might just be the solution you need to keep up -- it claims a technology that analyzes how you go about your social networking business and automatically makes personalized response suggestions to posts sent your way.

It constructs these automated responses by collecting social interactions, categorizing them and ranking their importance based upon prior posts to similarly labeled items. From there, it authors an appropriate reaction and provides you with the option of using it to reply, thereby saving you the countless seconds it would take to think of a response to all those cute dog and baby pictures coming your way. Google also claims that this robotic response technology can be used for email, instant messaging or texting, so it's conceivable we could one day be having whole conversations with one another via a Google proxy. Thus ends the art of conversation.