Nokia's Refocus camera app is now available to all Lumia owners on WP8

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Nokia's "shoot now, focus later" photography app, Refocus, required PureView hardware to run, because until now it's only been available on PureView-branded phones. As it turns out though, the app has just been made compatible with all Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8, including ones with down-to-earth camera modules. It works by means of a "focus sweep" -- you hold your phone steady for a couple of seconds while the camera scans the scene ahead at a range of different focal lengths and then combines these into a single dynamic image (like the one below) that lets anyone adjust the focus and background/foreground blur later, after the file has been saved and shared. If you're reading this on a Lumia, the source link below should take you where you need to go.