Rdio, Songza and other music services won't eat your T-Mobile data

T-Mobile's Music Freedom initiative raised a few eyebrows when the Uncarrier revealed it a few months ago - it granted most-favored nation status to a handful of music streaming services so whatever data they used wouldn't count against your monthly data cap. With Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio in the mix, the move seemed like a win for consumers... unless you happened to pay someone else to get your streaming fix. Thankfully, T-Mobile is finally expanding the list of supported services to include beloved also-rans like Rdio, Google-owned Songza, and more. Support for the six new streaming services has gone into effect today, but T-Mobile admitted in a statement that one fan-favorite service would take a little more time to set up. You see, the carrier kicked off a poll shortly after Music Freedom's launch to see what unsupported service people wanted to use the most. The winner? None other than Google Play Music -- hardly a surprise, but T-Mobile admitted in a statement that it won't be added to the fold until later this year.